The Producer of Marketing and Distribution

This is my article published on The Producer of Marketing and Distribution BY JON REISS In my first guest column for Screen Daily in November of last year, I introduced what I call the new 50/50. This idea is to convey to filmmakers that half of their work is making the film, half of […]

Ted Hope Speaks at BFI London Film Festival

Seasoned Indie producer Ted Hope (21 Grams, The Hawk is Dying, TrulyFreeFilm) speaks in London on the future of Independent filmmaking.  How will digital technology make films more accessible? From Film industry should be more accessible, says Hope 14 October, 2009 | By Sarah Cooper Veteran independent film producer Ted Hope called for new […]

Jeremy Thomas Speaks of Creative Pre-Sales Strategies at FIND

Financing production with US pre-sales is becoming more and more rare, if not non-existent.  As US indie distribution faces a crisis, filmmakers must look to other sources of investment.  International pre-sales are a good start. From Don’t waste time looking for a US pre-buy, Jeremy Thomas tells film-makers 11 October, 2009 | By Jeremy […]

How will the studios adapt to changing distribution markets?

At, Mike Goodridge suggests it’s decision time for studios’ distribution strategies.  How will they adapt to new digital markets?  Will they embrace transmedia?  Food for thought: Mike Goodridge Would you pay $250 to have Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen delivered to your living room on the same day it is released in theatres? D-Day […]