Think Outside the Box Office

“Eat up every morsel Reiss provides. Internalize it and make it your second skin.”
     – Ted Hope, Producer

“Reiss is a delicious combination of born teacher, compulsive anti-authoritarian and thorough scholar, whose nature is to measure, analyze and, most importantly, share his discoveries. . . . Think Outside the Box Office is absolutely required reading for everyone making any kind of media with hopes to meaningfully connect with an audience.”
     – Documentary Magazine

“Jon Reiss knows of what he speaks. This is not your father’s independent film scene. Times have changed. Now, directors and producers need to know not just how to make a film but how to use the tools of the 21st century to find an audience. This book is essential reading for anyone making an independent film today.”
     – Scott Macaulay, Editor, Filmmaker Magazine

Think Outside the Box Office is a step-by-step guide to distributing and marketing a film from a nuts-and-bolts perspective. Each chapter addresses an essential aspect of a film’s release and offers specific techniques so filmmakers can take control of their distribution and marketing destiny.