Webdocs – Survival Guide For Online Filmmakers
Webdocs - A Survival Guide For Online Filmmakers

“Webdocs are currently the most challenging and experimental field of visual story telling. No filmmaker can ignore this book. It gives you the tools to get started!”
    – Heidi Gronauer, Director @ Zeligfilm.it & ESoDoc.eu


A “survival guide” that was designed to provide journalists and filmmakers with some of the basic tools required to develop their own webdocs or cross-media projects. How to think in terms of interactivity? How to reach your audience? How to develop a successful funding strategy? How to pitch or crowdsource successfully? How does the web affect storytelling? To answer all these questions, this unique book brings together interviews with 30 world famous cross-media experts, producers or authors. About the editor : Matthieu holds a Ph.D. in Political Sciences and works as a consultant, producer and director @ Not So Crazy! Productions.


Jon Reiss contributed a chapter to the Building your audience portion of the book.