So some of you know that I’m about to leave for South East Asia. I was invited to teach at NYU/Tisch Singapore for a week. But when I mentioned this to the folks at Babelgum (and mentioned all the other traveling I was doing this year) they proposed I start shooting Bomb It 2 for them. Instead of being a feature (although it might eventually become one) Bomb It 2 will begin as a series of episodes. So Thursday night the 11th I fly to Bangkok where I’m scheduled to meet up with Beejoir, Bon, Alex Face, Kimes, Foner, Dillon, Mau Mau, AMP (all in 3 days!). Then on the 16th I head to Jakarta to find Darbotz. On the 17th I head to Singapore to teach. But while there I am scheduled to meet up with Killer Gerbil. On the 25th I head to Hong Kong – we’ll see what happens there.

In May I’ll be heading to Israel and Palestine to film artists/writers there. Have to see about setting up a teaching gig there! Open to suggestions!

Other cities to be included in Bomb It 2 are: Copenhagen (filmed there during CPH:DOX) Great&Bates, Husk Mit Navn, Ash. San Jose: King 157 San Francisco: Chor Boogie. Austin, TX (while I’m there for SXSW this coming March) : Sloke (and perhaps a couple of more)

This is an example of how cross platform/transmedia storytelling can be creatively liberating. I don’t need to conceptualize yet how it might gel into a feature. But the episodes are part of an ongoing Bomb It project and who knows where that might go.

My plan is to tweet while I’m on the road at

If I can find the time I will also try to do some blog posts!

Let me know if you have suggestions of what I should see/do/people to meet in any of these places.


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  1. Good luck on the trip, Jon. Plenty of stuff to write home about in Asia, to be sure, especially where you’re headed. Take lots of flickr pics so we can shuffle ’em around.

    And maybe throw in a podcast there so we can hear some interview repartee.

    From Prague,