“The Conversation” – Social Media, Digital Distribution and the Future of Film

Started in 2008, “The Conversation” is a look at the future of filmmaking and how advancements in technology are enabling new opportunities for filmmakers. On March 27th, “The Conversation” goes to the Manhattan campus of Columbia University. The focus will be on the new business and creative opportunities that are arising in 2010. For more […]

Online Collaboratives: A New Source for Film Distribution

This was published on Variety. Creatives network on Net: Online collaboratives a new source for film distribution By SHARON SWART It’s no secret that directors can be discovered on YouTube and that Facebook can help market movies, but a few industryites and creatives are digging a little deeper into the Web’s networking capabilities. Among a […]

10 Microbudget Tips

I just gave a class in micro budget filmmaking at Tisch Singapore and was inspired to come up with 10 top tips for micro budget filmmaking. I tweeted these yesterday individually. Here they are compiled together. Microbudget Tip 1: You need a PMD more than anyone. Microbudget Tip 2: Marketing and distribution starts at inception. Microbudget […]

First-Ever Survey of Specialty Films and Financing Complete

Jeremy Juuso Consulting has completed the first year of its ongoing survey of the U.S. specialty film market and its financing traits. Defined as any film released into 1,000 U.S. movie theaters or fewer on opening weekend, specialty films are comprised primarily of independent films with no studio ties. Summary statistics for the 2009 U.S. […]

Tim Roper on Branded Content

This was published in the workbookproject.com yesterday. Culture Hacker: The Art of Branded Content By PETER KATZ Here’s my interview on branded content with Creative Director Tim Roper from award winning advertising agency Crispin Porter + Bogusky. We met at UCLA Media & Entertainment Week. PK – What do you feel are the biggest misconceptions […]

Interview With Status Magazine

TO BOMB OR NOT TO BOMB How public is public space? This is the question that director Jon Reiss raises with his 2007 film Bomb It. He raised the bar on documenting urban subcultures when he exposed the war for public space being waged by graffiti artists against advertisers and even private homeowners. So which […]

Review: Filmmakers, Are You Thinking Outside of the Box Office?

From Patty Fantasia | Filmmakers Notebook Filmmakers: Are You Thinking Outside of the Box Office? This year I bought myself one Christmas present – a copy of Think Outside the Box Office written by filmmaker Jon Reiss. Without a doubt it should be required reading for anyone interested in making movies from amateurs to seasoned […]

A Look at the Work of Lance Weiler

This was published in the jawbone.tv yesterday. The Transmedia Equation, Part 2: Grassroots with Lance Weiler By TODD M. DENIS Depending on who you ask, Lance Weiler is either the face of a new, visionary breed of filmmaker, or the poster boy for the transmedia hype machine currently enveloping the indie film industry. Wired magazine […]