Think Outside the Box Office one of Brian Newman’s Recommended Reads

Recommended Reads from Brian Newman’s Blog Springboard Media There’s been a lot of great writing both in print and online (and at times, both) for filmmakers this year. It’s late in the year, but I thought I’d give my quick summary of some great titles that I think are required reading for any filmmaker – […]

20 Points to Consider in Approaching Your Festival Premiere Part 1

A year ago I did some blogging on Truly Free Film, I stopped to write Think Outside the Box Office. But now the book is done and I am happy to be back on Truly Free Film and I hope to contribute there from time to time – I’m honored to be part of Ted’s […]

Check out Selfhelpless Blog – The future of film?!?

You have to check these guys out. Selfhelpless Met them on Twitter tonight. They are releasing their film/premiering it on Bit Torrent first (in my mind as a premiere event to draw attention and audience) and then releasing merch to their awaiting fans. You can link to their blog above – or I’ve liberated it […]

Blog Review for Think Outside the Box Office –

“”a jam-packed treasure trove of how-to DIY advice and real world examples – worth far more than the list price. In fact, I’d grab your copy now before Reiss figures out what an enormous value this is and starts charging the big bucks for weekend-long seminars!”

Justine Jacobs on DIY Distribution and her film Ready Set Bag

Doug Block from D-Word turned me onto filmmaker Justine Jacobs and her film Ready Set Bag. She did a post on D-Word and he turned me onto it – I contacted Justine and she is letting me republish it here: I wish there was a secret recipe. Bottom line we got tired of waiting for […]