Indieflix Comments on My Blog

In today’s changing Indie distribution markets, we must engage with strong marketing strategies from a project’s inception.  Find your audience.  Get to know them.  Understand their needs and how they will gain access to your art! Check out this great article from IndieFlix! Finding What Works in Film Marketing & Distribution Submitted by lauren on […]

Jon Reiss joins BAFTA panel at this year’s AFM Conference

I’ll be sitting on the BAFTA panel at AFM discussing changes in Indie Distribution on Sunday, November 8th from 11:00am – 12:30pm.   Come on out to hear the most cutting-edge discussion of indie distribution and marketing! Sunday November 8th 11:00am-12:30pm No Direction Home – Changing Indie Distribution Strategies Programmed by: British Academy of Film & […]

Free-to-share documentary highlights alternative distribution methods for the digital age

British production company VODO utilizes an alternative distribution strategy using filesharing sites and free-to-share networks.  The strategy immediately engages a worldwide audience. From 100,000 downloads for first VODO release 19 October, 2009 | By Sarah Cooper Ivo Gormley’s documentary Us Now has achieved 100,000 downloads in its first five days of operation, through its […]

Venture Capitalists, VGame Designers, Tech Execs are eyeing the profit turnaround of small, indepedent, self-distributed films

The quest for Big Hollywood distribution is not slowing down these indie filmmakers.  They demonstrate that with a prudent combination of good storytelling, smart production techniques, and the right marketing strategy, filmmakers can find investment for their projects. Oh.  And they can make their money back too. They might not have the blockbuster-style watershed profits, […]

Guerrilla filmmaking crosses into both sides of the political spectrum!

Here’s something scary from the right – they can use grassroots marketing too! From the Washington Times: Indie filmmakers tap grass roots By Sonny Bunch Hoping to tap the rising tide of populist anger and activism on the right, husband-and-wife filmmaking duo Phelim McAleer and Ann McElhinney are bringing their new film, “Not Evil Just […]

Ted Hope Speaks at BFI London Film Festival

Seasoned Indie producer Ted Hope (21 Grams, The Hawk is Dying, TrulyFreeFilm) speaks in London on the future of Independent filmmaking.  How will digital technology make films more accessible? From Film industry should be more accessible, says Hope 14 October, 2009 | By Sarah Cooper Veteran independent film producer Ted Hope called for new […]

Jeremy Thomas Speaks of Creative Pre-Sales Strategies at FIND

Financing production with US pre-sales is becoming more and more rare, if not non-existent.  As US indie distribution faces a crisis, filmmakers must look to other sources of investment.  International pre-sales are a good start. From Don’t waste time looking for a US pre-buy, Jeremy Thomas tells film-makers 11 October, 2009 | By Jeremy […]

Coppola predicts cinema “as we know it” will become more “interactive”.

If, as Coppola predicts, the cinema “as we know it” is falling apart, how can we reclaim the public’s interest?  Tell compelling stories and get them to your audience.  Engage them directly.  Interact with them. Oct. 12 (Bloomberg) — “The cinema as we know it is falling apart,” says Francis Ford Coppola. “It’s a period […]