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Using Neoflix Box Office Widget for DIY Film Marketing

Posted on by Jon Reiss

So I’ve finally got my email list going – I’m using Neoflix’s Box Office Widget – here and on the Bomb It Site. It takes a little figuring out – as I was tooling around I realized that there will need to be a sidebar tutorial in the book.

But it is pretty robust – you can set up email lists and widgets for each project, even have multiple widgets per project so you can track where your people came from.

For sending out emails – they have a variety of templates to choose from that you can customize.

How have people’s experiences been with Constant Contact which I know is industry standard – but is pretty pricey?

Jon Reiss’ Series on DIY Web and Hybrid Distribution in Filmmaker Magazine Part 3: DIY Marketing

Posted on by Jon Reiss

I think I haven’t blogged about Part 3 of my series of articles in Filmmaker Magazine – so here it is. It concerns marketing for indi filmmakers and will be one of the last article I write for Filmmaker Magazine for now – as I am working on the book, What Now – that will include what I have written in Filmmaker Magazine and much more.

In this installment, Jon Reiss looks at DIY Web marketing.

So you’ve authored your DVD and perhaps even replicated it. You’ve found a fulfillment company that you are happy with. Now, how to get people to buy it?

In the last installment of this series, which appeared in the Winter 2009 issue of Filmmaker, I outlined how to maximize your DVD release strategy and before that in the Fall 2008 issue I discussed ways in which filmmakers can get their movies distributed through DIY self-distribution methods and hybrid strategies, all of which are based on my own experience self-distributing my graffiti doc, Bomb It. For filmmakers who are extending this DIY thinking to DVD retail by selling their own discs through a Web site or online store, this article will explore some of the ways you can cost-effectively publicize these releases, draw in potential customers and create revenue for your film. Continue reading →

Free Independent Film Video Marketing Seminar

Posted on by Jon Reiss

Marc Rosenbush is offering a free Indi Film Marketing seminar: I wrote about Marc’s courses in the current issue of Filmmaker Magazine.

NY Times Introduces “What Now?” Jon Reiss’s Book on DIY, Web and Hybrid Distribution

Posted on by Jon Reiss

Brooks Barnes wrote about the book that I am writing about DIY, Web and hybrid distribution for his NY Times blog Carpetbagger – The Hollywood Blog of The New York Times

Here’s the relevent section: “The DIY-route in general is one that more filmmakers are pursuing as the specialty business shrinks.
Publishers have noticed and are releasing at least two new books on the subject: “The Reel Truth” by Reed Martin and the tentatively titled “A Practical Guide to the New World of DIY, Web and Hybrid Distribution for Filmmakers” by Jon Reiss.”