Snag Films Overview in Fortune Magazine

Every blog becomes a cinema Leonsis-backed start-up wants users, not studios, to distribute documentaries. NEW YORK (Fortune) — Former AOL executive Ted Leonsis was frustrated: He’d produced a critically acclaimed documentary called Nanking, a film that looked at some Westerners who had protected Chinese civilians during a brutal, six-week attack by the Japanese army in […]

Discussion on Web 3.0 from an Advertisers Perspective

For all of you just beginning to understand Web 2.0, now Web 3.0 is on the horizon. Some arguments from an advertising perspective. In Web 3.0 We Trust — or Not Why We Need a Return to the Human Side of Things Posted by Judy Shapiro on 05.18.09 @ 12:00 PM The Web 3.0 conference […]

Social Media Backlash?

Here’s an article from ZD Net about customers getting overloaded with social media marketing. Food for thought. The author is Oliver Marks. There appears to be a fully fledged backlash against ’social media’ marketing emerging, with commentary in both areas you’d expect and in places you might not. This is tough on the people who […]

Clue Train Manifesto for Filmmakers

The Oliver Marks post from yesterday pointed me to the Clue Train Manifesto that I had never heard of. I’ve taken the liberty to repost it here (you can click on the link and sign the manifesto): if you only have time for one clue this year, this is the one to get… Online Markets… […]

Indiewire on Tribeca Film Distribution Panel

Here’s Indiewire’s coverage of the Tribeca panel that I was on – (better late than never) I’m credited for tips 6 & 9. 10 Tips For Strategizing Distribution Today by Peter Knegt (April 30, 2009) 10 Tips For Strategizing Distribution Today David Fenkel, Geoff Gilmore, Sara Pollack, Jon Reiss, Cynthia Swartz, Ryan Werner, and Steven […]

IndieFlix Unveils New Indie Film Distribution Model at Cannes

News from the good people at IndieFlix. I had the pleasure to meet Scilla at SXSW and she is GREAT! I think they are one of the new distribution companies really making a change. CANNES, France, May 20 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — IndieFlix CEO Scilla Andreen launched today an international tour to introduce new distribution models for […]

Filmmakers Don’t Fret – Even IT Professionals are Confused about Web 2.0

Perhaps I shouldn’t be so hard on my students for their lack of understanding of Web 2.0 – Here’s an article from Secure Computing Magazine that indicates even IT professionals are confused about Web 2.0 IT professionals confused about Web 2.0 By Angela Moscaritolo May 22, 2009 9:09 AM Tags: IT | professionals | Web […]


I’ve been revamping my blog page – making it more of a front page and my wonderful web manager/co-producer Michael Medaglia gave me this site: as a resource if you need to find any html code. You’ll need this as you get further into wordpress to make your blog more of a front page. […]