Great Introduction on Web 2.0 for Filmmakers-

I found a wonderful article for beginning and serious filmmakers revolving around web marketing- Be sure to check this out, it is a great help.

Kent State University Screening

Just a reminder that Bomb It! will be screening at Kent State University on Wednesday, April 29th so if your around the Ohio area please come out and make it!

Tribeca Panel This Tuesday

Tribeca Talks: Industry Tuesday, April 28th at 2pm School of Visual Art Theater 2 Tools of the Trade: Alternative Distribution, Marketing 2.0, and Beyond “Every filmmaker is looking for an audience. With the emergence of innovative and widely successful strategies such as marketing on Facebook or digitally distributing on YouTube, the old studio-driven business model […]

Outrage – New Film From Kirby Dick

Just saw Outrage by Kirby Dick last night – was one of his best films to date. I loved it. It layed out a very complex issue in a very compelling way without being tabloid. The film is about the gay republican politicians and the damage that they do to the gay community by being […]

Tribeca Film Festival Panel Discussion-

Coming up soon is the Tribeca Talks- Tools of the Trade: Alternative Distribution, Marketing 2.0, and Beyond. There is a fantastic panel including Geoff Gilmore of Tribeca Enterprises, Sara Pollack of YouTube, Cynthia Swartz of 42West, Ryan Werner of Independent Film Channel, Adam Yauch of Oscilloscope, Steven Zeitchik who is the moderator of The Hollywood […]

Web Marketing and DIY Filmmaking Article in Filmmaker Magazine-

Filmmaker Magazine has featured an article that I wrote about DIY web marketing, drawing attention and self distribution for Spring 2009. You should check it out, here is the article. HOW TO MARKET YOUR DVD ONLINE PART 3 In this installment, Jon Reiss looks at DIY Web marketing. BY JON REISS So you’ve authored your […]

Crowdspring DIY Graphic Design

Need a website design, key art, DVD package?? A friend turned me onto this incredible website for anyone who needs any kind of design work. It’s pretty amazing – you put in what you want and how much you will pay for the winning design and a deadline – and then the internet design […]