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More Oscar Nominations for Best Picture, More Indie Films in the Mix?

Posted on by Jon Reiss

I know, I know, there are many of us who have moved on from following the Academy Awards as they have let us down one too many times by overlooking great films and filmmakers. But many indie folks, along with The Wrap.com are happy to have learned that there will now be 10 nominations for year in the “Best Picture” category. The hope is that less-marketed indie films will now have a chance to contend. I guess only time will tell if they’re right…

Indie World Thrilled About Oscar
Movies that face campaign problems due to small marketing budgets will have more opportunities.

By Michael Speier & Carolyn Giardina
The Wrap
June 24th, 2009

The indie world is licking its chops at the notion of more contenders for best picture.

In recent years, indies have made it to the top five, including this year’s winner “Slumdog Millionaire” and 2008 winner “No Country for Old Men” and audience pleaser “Juno” in 2008. But other acclaimed titles such as last year’s “The Wrestler” and “The Visitor” came up short.

With 10 slots instead of five, the movies that usually face more campaign problems due to small marketing budgets and overall muscle will have more opportunities to grab a dangling golden carrot.

“The indie film community needed a shot in the arm, and this is it,” said Cassian Elwes, who ran the independent film unit at the William Morris Agency until three weeks ago. “For movies struggling to find proper distribution, the notion that good films may get a best picture nomination will help on every level,” Elwes told TheWrap. Continue reading →