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From Nikki Finke: Indie Filmmakers Speak Out

This is an entertaining article I found on the D2DVD Blog lists recent quotes from supposed “indie film experts” with debate. Please read and enjoy.

Posted on the D2DVD Blog, June 12th, 2009:

From Nikki Finke’s DHD blog come these quotes from a variety of people involved in the indie film industry. I would debate that industry category with them because I think in many cases these people work with or for the studios and not independently. That said, there’s some stuff here that’s worth it. I’ll comment (rant, kvetch) as appropriate.

1. Change the title of your indie film to begin with an “A” or a number to get higher placement on iTunes.

A little togue-in-cheek but interesting.

2. “Experiment and try new ways of getting your indie film out there.”

Well, duh…

3. Clark Hallren, Managing Director of the Entertainment Industries Group for JP Morgan Securities warned, “Guys it’s tough. Phenomenal events that statistically cannot happen did happen: we’re at an interesting point in the business.”

4. Lisa Nitti of Greenberg Traurig offered a financing checklist and the necessary groundwork that indie producers must complete to have a shot at getting money: a preliminary financing plan, a solid budget and schedule, and an understanding of Hollywood guild requirements.

Again, duh! This is like saying, “Nazis are bad.”

5. Foreign pre-sales are not as readily available as in years past.

Foreign pre-sales haven’t been readily available for quite awhile – like 5 years… and yet smart, high-concept, financially responsible genre movies work. Continue reading →