Update to Jeremy Juuso’s DIY Film Releasing Article


This was published yesterday on jeremyjuuso.blogspot.com. UPDATE TO BASELINE JULY 2010 DIY POSTING During the course of research, I found a film from 2009 that initially appeared to be a DIY release, but upon further inspection had to be relabeled as a non-DIY release. As a result, this has slightly shifted the numbers that initially […]

Jon Reiss joins BAFTA panel at this year’s AFM Conference

I’ll be sitting on the BAFTA panel at AFM discussing changes in Indie Distribution on Sunday, November 8th from 11:00am – 12:30pm.   Come on out to hear the most cutting-edge discussion of indie distribution and marketing! Sunday November 8th 11:00am-12:30pm No Direction Home – Changing Indie Distribution Strategies Programmed by: British Academy of Film & […]

Blogging, Criticism, and Niche Audiences

Here’s an article from Chuck Tryon’s blog, on the increasingly important role of blogging with regards to independent film. Blogging, Film Criticism, and Niche Audiences by Chuck Tryon | August 6th, 2009 One of the ongoing questions I’ve been thinking about for a couple of years is the role of blogging in reshaping film criticism. […]

Art House Arrest: Current Trends in Small Theater Programming

This is an article I thought you might find interesting from the Sante Fe New Mexican. Just in case you ever wanted to know what that Cinematheque programmer was really thinking. The Big Picture: Art-house arrest Pasatiempo | The New Mexican | 8/6/2009 Size shouldn’t matter, but sometimes it seems that big is all people […]

Social Networking to Increase Your Independent Film’s Exposure (well, duh).

IndieGoGo – A resource you should all know about. On Monday Triplepundit (typically an environment site) issued this article interviewing the Slava Rubin of Indie GoGo. IndieGoGo: Cause Awareness Through Entertainment By Gennefer Snowfield | August 10th, 2009 | Triplepundit.com The social web has opened the floodgates of communication, allowing users from all over the […]

The Indie Film Dilemma – Hybrid Distribution for IFC?

This is a great article I found from the Santa Monica Reporter Posted on August 3rd, 2009 by NewsLanc.com. It talks briefly about the history of independent film and possible future for it via methods being tried out by IFC. Read On. The Indie Film Dilemma Most reports from show business media tell us that […]