Jon Reiss Interview with Nat Mundel

This was published on today. Author Jon Reiss on the Death of the Film Festival AND HIS BEST KEPT SECRETS THAT COULD MAKE YOUR NEXT INDIE FILM A SUCCESS!! In his interview with Nat Mundel, independent filmmaker, author, and educator Jon Reiss unabashedly confirms one thing: the film festival acquisition model is dead or […]

TOTBO Tip of the Day 12 The New 50 50

Jon Reiss’ TOTBO Tip of the Day 12 The New 50/50 Distribution and marketing can take as long and cost as much, or more than you spent on your film. The new 50/50 is not a revenue split but the mental shift that filmmakers must make about the filmmaking process. This is not a hard […]

NEW BREED PARK CITY – Discovering the Questions Jon Reiss, Ira Deutchman,

In Park City From Sabi Pictures and Filmmaker Magazine and Workbook Project SOLUTION-BASED: NEW BREED AT PARK CITY PART 2 Here’s the second of the New Breed videos discussing the current and future states of distribution. From the makers: Filmmakers Zak Forsman and Kevin K. Shah of Sabi Pictures arrive at Park City with an […]

Declaration of Indies – Reiss and Broderick in the NYT Today

Manohla Dargis interviewed me for an article on self distribution for the New York Times – it came out today. Proud to be in the company of the esteemed Peter Broderick! Declaration of Indies: Just Sell It Yourself! By MANOHLA DARGIS Published: January 14, 2010 LAST November inside a conference room at the University of […]

Think Outside the Box Office Review by Erin’s Woodstock Movie

“Anyone who is serious about surviving in the contemporary independent film world needs to read this book.” This review from Erin’s Woodstock Movie gives a good background as to my path to writing the book. Book Review: Think Outside The Box Office By escherer The successes of low-budget independent films at Sundance like Slacker, Clerks, […]

25 Points to Consider in Approaching Your Festival Premiere: Part 2

The first part of this article concerned how to approach festivals if you want to still pursue a more conventional sales oriented strategy within the new landscape of distribution for independent film.

This second part will address what you should consider if you are going to use your premiere festival (or one of your festivals) to launch the actual distribution and marketing of your film.

Microcinema Reviews Think Outside the Box Office

Think Outside the Box Office was just reviewed in Microfilmmaker Magazine. Here a few nice pulls; “The premiere book on film distribution in the modern digital era. . . . Because Jon’s writing style is both engaging and informative, even the “candy” chapters are packed with useful information that will get you motivated and even […]

20 Points to Consider in Approaching Your Festival Premiere Part 1

A year ago I did some blogging on Truly Free Film, I stopped to write Think Outside the Box Office. But now the book is done and I am happy to be back on Truly Free Film and I hope to contribute there from time to time – I’m honored to be part of Ted’s […]

Check out Selfhelpless Blog – The future of film?!?

You have to check these guys out. Selfhelpless Met them on Twitter tonight. They are releasing their film/premiering it on Bit Torrent first (in my mind as a premiere event to draw attention and audience) and then releasing merch to their awaiting fans. You can link to their blog above – or I’ve liberated it […]