Jon Reiss at IFC this Tuesday, November 17th!

Just out from an amazing weekend at DOX:FORUM in Cophenhagen, I’ll be in New York this week at the IFC Center speaking about my new book Think Outside the Box Office (released on the 16th!).  Come check it out!  Call (212) 924-7771 for tickets! Thinking Outside the Box Office Tue, Nov 17 at: 6:00 PM […]

Jon Reiss at IFP Independent Film Week in IndieWire

Definately time to put the doom and gloom away, roll up the sleeves and get to work. Here are a few pull quotes from the distribution panel at IFP: “Filmmakers need to re-conceptualize marketing and distribution,” advocated Jon Reiss, the director of “Bomb It” who has become a passionate advocate aimed at distribution empowerment. “Filmmakers […]