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Guerilla Marketing For Independent Filmmakers – Getting your film seen through Indie Distribution Routes

This is a great article from Suite 101.com that posted over the weekend.

Guerilla Marketing for Independent Filmmakers
Using Independent Distribution Routes to Get Your Indie Film Seen
by Jeff Lanctot
Jun 25, 2009

Traditional distribution isn’t the only way to get your independent movie seen. The indie film marketing world is growing every day, and your indie film can take part!

If reading Three Methods for Getting Your Movie Distributed made you want to put your camera down and go find a nice job as an accountant, don’t go just yet! The traditional routes to film distribution can be daunting even for ‘insiders,’ but as an ‘outsider’ to the Hollywood machine, you have many additional options available to get eyeballs on your independent movie, make a little money, and maybe even get your foot in the door of Hollywood for your next project. Continue reading →