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Guerrilla Drives or MobMovs Attack the Country with Independent Film – DIY Your Film Distribution

Check out this article from AP and CNBC.com on Guerilla drive ins as a newly rediscovered form of theatrical exhibition. Old is new again.

PHILADELPHIA – Think the only way to see a big-screen movie is while slurping a 64-oz. soft drink, eating a $5 candy bar and shushing the wannabe film critic behind you?

That’s not the case anymore, thanks to people like John Young, creator of the West Chester Guerilla Drive-In and part of a loosely knit network of celluloid renegades resurrecting the drive-in for a new age.

“Nowadays, you push a button and a movie appears,” he said. “There’s fun in the inconvenience of having to get off the couch and go somewhere you might not be familiar with, maybe getting rained on, maybe being cold. It makes it an adventure.”
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