Jeremy Thomas Speaks of Creative Pre-Sales Strategies at FIND

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Financing production with US pre-sales is becoming more and more rare, if not non-existent.  As US indie distribution faces a crisis, filmmakers must look to other sources of investment.  International pre-sales are a good start.

From ScreenDaily.com:

Don’t waste time looking for a US pre-buy, Jeremy Thomas tells film-makers

11 October, 2009 | By Jeremy Kay

Independent international film-makers who come to the US in search of financing are making “a wasted trip”, the Oscar-winning producer Jeremy Thomas said over the weekend.

Speaking at the launch of the FIND Filmmaker Forum in Los Angeles, Thomas told an audience that the stricken economy and the demise of numerous US distributors had left the US independent sector “screwed up”, although he fully expected the market to bounce back. Continue reading →

Jon Reiss speaking at Film Independent Filmmaker Forum October 11th, 2009

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I’ll be at the Film Independent Filmmaker Forum this weekend.   I’m on a panel Sunday morning but I’ll also be around in general to chat.    Let me know if you are coming.



SUNDAY OCTOBER 11th, 2009  

Director’s Guild of America,  7920 W Sunset Blvd., Los AngelesCA 90046

9:00 am Filmmakers Off-the-Record DISTRIBUTION CASE STUDIES DGA 1

In a candid off-the-record discussion, filmmakers share their experiences selling

and distributing their film as they explore distribution options–from traditional

theatrical to new hybrid models where they can exert more control.


Moderator: Josh Welsh, Director of Talent Development, Film Independent

Alex Holdridge, director, In Search of a Midnight Kiss

Steak House, producer, Weather Girl

Jon Reiss, director/producer, Bomb It

Danielle Renfrew, producer, American Son

Blayne Weaver, director, Weather Girl

Consult This: Jon Reiss at Film Independent (FIND) Tonight

Tonight I’ll be giving a crash course overview of diy/self/web distribution at Film Independent.

Here’s the link and the skinny: Consult This: Self Distribution

Director Jon Reiss, Bomb It, will be here to share his experience regarding self distribution. Learn the tools and tips of how to self distribute your film and get your film seen by the widest possible audience.

Named one of “10 Digital Directors to Watch” by Daily Variety, Jon Reiss is a critically acclaimed, award winning filmmaker who has produced and directed three feature films, Better Living Through Circuitry, Cleopatra’s Second Husband and most recently Bomb It, an in depth look at the explosion of graffiti culture throughout the world and the resulting battle over public space. Reiss created Hybrid Cinema to release Bomb It himself in the United States. He is writing a series of articles for Filmmaker Magazine discussing his experience creating a multi faceted strategy utilizing theaters, festivals, museums to screen the film in addition to pursuing alternative DVD distribution models to work in conjunction with the film’s release by Docurama/New Video.

Jon has taught both film directing and production for the last 10 years most recently at the California Institute for the Arts where he created the class “Reel World Survival Skills: Everything I Wish I Had Been Taught in Film School.” This course covers the practical aspects of surviving as an independent writer/producer/director in today’s economy from finding a job, pitching and script development, to financing and new models of distribution. For more information go to jonreiss.com. Jon can be contacted at jon@jonreiss.com.

Netflix FIND Your Voice Film Competition

Filmmakers – check out this amazing opportunity – and its for real!

Today Film Independent and Netflix announced the immediate launch of the Netflix FIND Your Voice Film Competition, which will award one aspiring first-time feature filmmaker the means, guidance and resources to make a full-length, narrative film.

The winner of the competition, who will own all rights to his or her film, will be determined between now and July 2009. In addition to production resources needed to make the film, the winner will receive a $150,000 cash production grant funded by Netflix, plus turnkey resources like film stock, processing, camera rental, and post production services. The total prize value is more than $350,000. Film Independent will provide advisement and mentorship to the winning filmmaker throughout the production of the film and will also screen the winner’s movie at the Los Angeles Film Festival.

To apply online, as well as to get more information, please go to: www.netflix.com/findyourvoice

There is no cost to apply. We will accept a maximum of 2000 submissions between now (January 9) and February 9, so don’t wait — apply now!