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A Review of Scott Kirsner’s Book, “Fans, Friends, & Followers” by Stephanie Bousely

A Review of Scott Kirsner’s “Fans, Friends, & Followers” by Stephanie Bousley

Hi everyone. My name’s Stephanie Bousely and I am working with Jon to help him with his book launch. Upon starting to work on the project, Jon had me read Scott Kirsner’s “Fans, Friends, & Followers” and write a review on it. For anyone who is interested, I have pasted it below.

Stephanie’s Review of “Fans, Friends, & Follwers” – by Scott Kirsner

Maybe I should have been an engineer. That’s what my brother did, and life is working out pretty well for him. 4 years at undergrad, then a $65K job, at age 22. “Must be pretty nice”, I thought while heating up Hot Pockets yesterday. Life seems unfair – why couldn’t I have been born liking something scientific, or mathematical, or…something. But no. I ended up going for film. And today, after 3 years of NYU Tisch grad school atop my previous 4 years in undergrad finds me a little more broke and a lot more in debt than my annoying engineer brother.

Maybe it’s time to throw in the towel, I thought. With this economy, where is hope for us artists? When I was a little girl, my parents told me that the only people who made a living at anything artistic were only those who are REALLY talented. Now, regardless of what you think of yourself, I think pretty much everyone in the film or music community knows at least ONE “really talented” person. Who is BROKE. Well, mom and dad, meet Scott Kirsner’s book: “Fans, Friends, and Followers.” Continue reading →