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Online Roundtable Discussion from Indie Panelists on Self-Distribution, and the most current DIY Distribution model

This great article from Braintrustdv.com features ten current independent film makers working today, who self-distribute. Read on as they talk about the pros and cons.

BRAINTRUSTdv: Roundtable Discussion on Self-Distribution

April 21, 2009

Alejandro Adams: Introduction

A few days ago, Mona Nicoara reported on Twitter that a panel of critics and luminaries assembled to address contemporary Romanian films quickly gave way to a discussion of the distribution crisis: “It seems that these days the topic doesn’t matter any more,” she said. “All discussion ends up being about distribution in 7 min or less.”

This reboot of BRAINTRUSTdv owes much to Twitter, so it shouldn’t be surprising to see some content fueled exclusively by that microblogging platform. With the exception of one, each of the roundtable contributors below was engaged in (or witness to) a recent Twitter dust-up over the concept of self-distribution—and I do mean “concept,” as it quickly became clear that each combatant was working from his own personal definition of that phrase. Intrigued, I proposed this roundtable, outlining the parameters in the 140-character limit of Twitter: “700 – 1000 words on self-distribution vs. existing infrastructure (critics/fests/distribs).”

I left participation open to anyone within earshot, which might seem rashly uncuratorial—and in keeping with that boldness, I’ve left the entries completely unedited and situated them according to the order in which they were received. If this sounds haphazard or cavalier, I urge you to read my introduction to the site itself and contend with the guiding principles expressed there. Continue reading →