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Indie Film Is Dying…Unless it Isn’t. Why Independent Filmmakers Shouldn’t Throw in the Towel and Why Indie Audiences Still Exist.

Don’t give up on audiences yet. Just read “Indie film is dying — unless it isn’t” — a great article from Salon.com, written by Andrew O’Hehir

All winter and spring, people in the independent-film business have been murmuring politely behind their hands and pretending not to see the 800-pound walrus in the corner of the room: The indie industry is undergoing a sudden and largely unexpected meltdown, or in the business-speak recently employed by Sony Pictures Classics co-president Tom Bernard, “a periodic market adjustment.”

Nobody’s ignoring it anymore, not after Saturday’s address to a Los Angeles Film Festival conference by Mark Gill, CEO of the independent production and financing outfit the Film Department and former president of Miramax and Warner Independent. Gill’s speech, entitled “Yes, the Sky Really Is Falling,” was followed by a thoughtful Sunday column from the Philadelphia Inquirer’s Carrie Rickey, cataloging everything that has gone wrong for small films, and the companies that make them, in the last six months.

It’s a short but bloody history: Continue reading →