Bomb It 2 was commissioned as a web series exclusively for the digital broadcast network Babelgum and expands the global reach of Jon Reiss’ exploration of graffiti and street art into new and unexplored areas of Asia and South East Asia, the Middle East as well as Europe, the United States and Australia. Reiss traveled by himself to Bangkok, Jakarta, Singapore, Hong Kong, Tel Aviv, Palestinian refugee camps on the West Bank, Perth, Melbourne, Copenhagen, Chicago and Austin. Artists featured include Klone, KnowHope, GreatBates, Zero, Darbotz, Killer Gerbil, Bon, Alex Face, Sloke, Husk Mit Navn, Ash, Phibs, Stormie Mills, Beejoir and many more. Bomb It 2 launched on Babelgum in October 2010 and is updated weekley through November 2010.

“I was inspired to explore how and where graffiti and street art had penetrated the globe into some of the most unlikely places – such as Singapore. I am especially fascinated in how each culture (and each person) takes this art form and makes it their own – and how the local culture affects the development of graffiti in each place that I visited. Tel Aviv and the refugee camps of Bethlehem couldn’t be more different. The former is on the verge of a street art explosion similar to Barcelona in the early 90s. In the West Bank, graffiti is much more about a political statement and “art” is often viewed as reconciliation. At the same time it was interesting to see how some of the constants of graffiti exist nearly everywhere – from Perth to Copenhagen: the need to express oneself in public – and the addictive nature of getting up!”

Read more about the making of the Bomb It 2 web series here.


The FREE Bomb It geo-location graffiti and street art app will work on both iPhone and Android operating systems. This app will allow users to take photos of graffiti and street art in any city in the world and upload that image to Google maps. Simultaneously – anyone in any city will be able to press a button to see on Google maps where others have posted exciting street art.


I have been developing this teen action thriller with producer Willie Kutner.

Nick Cooper has spent the past 4 years trying to pretend the things he did when he was 13 never happened.

Living with his mom in a quaint suburb, Nick has made all of the right friends and become a high school football star. But, with the arrival of his old buddy, Matt, Nick’s world starts flying wildly out of control. Matt doesn’t like who Nick has become and he wants Nick to come clean about their past, because Matt’s been paying for it ever since

Then there are Lee and Perry, two awkward, unpopular kids who get picked on regularly by Nick’s friends. And they have a little plan of their own.

After the big game the whole school comes to Mark’s party. The question is, who will get to go home?

written by Ursula Holloman

Ursula initially contacted me for research while writing an early draft of the script since the story takes place during the early days of punk rock in San Francisco. She discovered that I was part of Target Video and knew a fair amount about the scene. I had been thinking of doing a film about my experiences during this time, but I was compelled by Ursula’s idea and I convinced her (by writing her every month for a couple of years as she wrote the script) to let me direct the project.

It has already been a part of the FIND Screenwriter’s Lab and Fast Track.

Nina’s life sucks. She has a shit job, no friends, and she’s fucked up so badly as a mother that she’s no longer part of her young child’s life. When she goes to visit her daughter and the door is slammed in her face, Nina can no longer bear the guilt and failure, and decides to end it all.

But life changes radically when Ian, lead singer in a local punk band, foils her suicide attempt. Obsessed with her savior, Nina follows him deep into the unfamiliar punk underground. She’s assaulted by the noise, shocked by what she sees, but, in this unlikely community of misfits and outcasts, she unexpectedly finds her place.

She plugs in a guitar, and, with a teenage Jesus freak on organ, a mud-wrestling bass player, and the world’s worst drummer, forms a band that unleashes the rage and power buried within her.

As Ian’s wildness causes him to crash and burn, Nina struggles to pull her life together. Amid the noise and mayhem, she needs to prove to both herself and the world that she is ready to be a mother.