Food Chains

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We were introduced to Jon when we were in the middle of our editing process, at a point when we assumed that it was far too early to begin thinking about distribution. Jon convinced us otherwise. After speaking with him, it was clear that if we wanted our film to be seen by anyone, we needed to start developing a distribution strategy well before the completion of the film. Under his guidance, we did, and by the time we were in the last few months of postproduction, when our brains were fried, we were thrust into the cauldron of film festival buyers markets. Without all the preparation that Jon had
us undergo, we would not have been equipped to make decisions on theatrical, digital, community and educational distribution much less have gotten a sales agent. And, frankly, our preparation impressed many of the distributors we were pitching Рto the point that our eventual distributor, Screen Media, commented on how thorough our plan was, how many assets we were bringing to the table, and how confident they were in our ability to execute. This was all due to Jon! I would recommend him to anyone, no matter how green or how seasoned.

– Sanjay Rawal, Director

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