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“At the core of the film is a poignant social statement about public space and the war being waged for it by major corporations, the forces of gentrification, and the street artist rebels that express themselves on urban surfaces around the world. We’ll never think the same way again about public space again.”
“Cleopatra’s Second Husband”
“Jon Reiss’ debut feature is a harrowing yet delicious and often wickedly funny study of power and submission. What begins as a dark romantic comedy . . . soon morphs into a nightmarish psychological horror film. Like Polanski’s ‘Rosemary’s Baby’, Cleopatra’s Second Husband begins peacefully enough . . . we’re left with one of the most unusual power struggles in cinema history.” — Filmmaker Magazine

Winner; Best First Feature Cinequest Film Festival
Winner; Worldfest Houston

“Better Living Through Circuitry”
“Hip, hypnotic…engaging pic. “Better Living Through Circuitry” demystifies raves and sets the bar for others to explore this culture and music.” -Charles Lyons, Variety

Featured at the Rotterdam, Los Angeles Independent, Seattle, Sao Paulo, Chicago and Film Festivals as well as Resfest in Los Angeles, SF, Toykyo, NY, London and many more.

Winner; Best Documentary Director – Chicago Underground Film Festival

“Survival Research Laboratories”
“Capturing the tension between terror and humor that characterizes SRL’s live shows is no mean feat. Reiss manages to do justice to the artistic bravado and technical genius behind all those menacing machines . . . all woven into a gloriously cacophonous whole.” BAM Magazine
Short Form and Music Videos