Jon Reiss: Speech for DOX:FORUM in Copenhagen

Hello everyone!  Here is my recent speech at the CPH:DOX Forum in Copenhagen from last Friday .  IndieWire just published it and so I’m reposting it here. This speech was delivered at the recent CPH:DOX Forum in Copenhagen.  Jon Reiss will be doing a presentation today at 6 p.m. at IFC Center in Manhattan and […]

Jon Reiss at IFC this Tuesday, November 17th!

Just out from an amazing weekend at DOX:FORUM in Cophenhagen, I’ll be in New York this week at the IFC Center speaking about my new book Think Outside the Box Office (released on the 16th!).  Come check it out!  Call (212) 924-7771 for tickets! Thinking Outside the Box Office Tue, Nov 17 at: 6:00 PM […]

Pics up of Jon Reiss at AFM

Below are pictures of the BAFTA panel at AFM where we discussed the changing landscape of Indie distribution.  Take a look!  Check back on the blog for updates regarding my trip to Copenhagen and THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX OFFICE’s release on November 16th!!!!

An interview with Filmmaker/Author Jon Reiss

Here’s an interview posted by shericand on youtube.  We’re gearing up for the release of Think Outside the Box Office on November 16th!!!  Keep checking back on the blog for more details!!! November 10, 2009 Below I’ve posted an interview with filmmaker Jon Reiss speaking about his new book THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX OFFICE, which […]

Jon Reiss Keynote Speaker for CPH:DOX Forum

I’ve been invited as the keynote speaker to the DOX:FORUM for the Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival.  Set in Copenhagen, the festival is a three-day distribution forum and market for newly finished and works-in-progress documentaries from around the world.  Check it out! “Exploring other possibilities for documentary films than TV and focusing on theatrical, […]

Jon Reiss at the AFM’s BAFTA Panel

I’ll be sitting on the BAFTA panel at AFM discussing changes in Indie Distribution tomorrow, Sunday, November 8th from 11:00am – 12:30pm.   Come on out to hear the most cutting-edge discussion of indie distribution and marketing! Sunday November 8th 11:00am-12:30pm No Direction Home – Changing Indie Distribution Strategies Programmed by: British Academy of Film & […]

Remember the neighborhood video store?

Every technological change in film distribution calls for an evolutionary step in how we get films to audiences.  Broadcast television, VCR, Cable, DVD, VoD, DVR, and now internet streaming: what do these changes point to in relationship to our audience?  Simple: audiences want the power to choose how, when, and where they engage content. From […]

The distribution marketplace is changing and so are marketing strategies

Not every film will have the same marketing strategy because not every film will have the same core audience.  What works best for you depends on who you expect will be your most devoted fans and how you expect to connect with them. Traditional marketing methods are changing along with the surge in digital distribution.  […]

NetFlix is just the beginning

Does Netflix’s profitability hurt the studios?  How will the profitability gap encourage Hollywood to invest  into digital distribution strategies?  Are DVDs and Blu-Ray becoming formats of the past? What counts is that Netflix is causing a stir.  If Disney’s Keychest program is a success, then that means consumers have more choices in how they access […]

Indies continue to look for ways to harness the internet

For Independent filmmaking and distribution, the internet is still nascent territory.  We’ve only begun to see how we can reach our audiences through broad-band streaming, direct download, and DVD rentals. But the internet is not a be-all-end-all solution to distribution.  This article highlights the importance of a solid marketing strategy for digital indie distribution.  It’s […]