Very excited to announce the Bomb It iPhone app is now out and up on  iTunes stores around the world.   This is not an app to watch the film (that is available on regular iTunes).   This is an app to share the graffiti and street art you love with others.   It is free – and is intended to create a broader community around Bomb It.

One of the issues with apps like this: they depend on adoption.  It is important it is important to get some early adopters to start using it.   Unfortunately it is impossible to use an iPhone app until it is on the store.  So its available to be used – but it is a little bare right now.   I welcome you to take it for a test drive.  If you have an interest in graffiti and/or street art, have an iPhone and know where some good looking street art is near you – please download the app, take a photo and load it up!!   The Android version will be up in a few weeks.

The Bomb It App is Now Available

Share Photos of Your Favorite Graffiti and Street Art
with Loads More Exclusive Features!
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