Back to NYC: OVC and Raindance

Headed back to NY today – after a few days back in LA. First up tomorrow I will be at the Open Video Conference on a panel: “Future of Exhibition: Opening the Box Office” Friday, 3-3:45PM. This panel will look at how producers are bypassing traditional gatekeepers to reach out to their audience while exploring […]

Lab Reflection, Cage Match Today and Photo Cine Expo this Saturday

This week I’ve been mentoring at the IFP lab – 10 narrative and 10 doc projects all still in post. As you might know this is a first of its kind completion distribution and marketing lab to integrate these previously separate processes which I have been involved with since the spring. The lab continues through […]

Am I a Filmmaker or a Brand? Why not be both?

A year ago, I brought the preview copies of Think Outside the Box Office to sell at Independent Film Week, straight off the press. This week in addition to being a lab leader and mentor of the new IFP Filmmaker Labs, I have the honor of being paired in a Cage Match on Thursday against […]

PMD FAQ 2: What are the responsibilities of a PMD?

PMD FAQ 2: What are the responsibilities of a PMD? The responsibilities of a PMD are wide and varied. Not all films will utilize all of these elements (since every film is different and will have a unique approach to distribution and marketing), but each should be considered when strategizing and planning for the film’s […]

PMD FAQ 1: What is the purpose of having a PMD?

PMD FAQ 1: What is the purpose of having a PMD? The purpose of the PMD is for one person on a filmmaking team to be responsible for audience engagement (aka distribution and marketing). It derives from the recognition that filmmakers (filmmaking teams) need to own the audience engagement process and that this process should […]

Two New Initiatives on

I wanted to tell you about a few initiatives that I am working on this fall.

The first concerns the Producer of Marketing and Distribution or PMD, which is a new crew position that I proposed in TOTBO. There has been a fair amount of excitement and discussion around this concept on the Internet of late. My intention is for my blog and the TOTBO Facebook page to be a repository of information, clarification and best practices for PMDs. The second initiative is an expansion of TOTBO to encompass all art forms.

Live Events September-December

Independent Film Week Sept 19-24  New York City Continuing my involvement and work transforming IFPs Independent Film Labs into a year long completion, marketing and distribution lab I will be at Independent Film Week in New York. Live Event: September 24th Cage Match -” Am I a Filmmaker or a Brand?” 4:30 at Haft Auditorium […]