Totbo Workshop Pass Twitter Winner # 3

@ Missmichaelshow do u keep fans coming back to your FB fanpage thru marketing w/out crossing the line into spam world & losing fans? #dist2010

This one I could have easily responded to in Twitter: By providing content and information – especially content that is entertaining and usefull to your audience.

I would say 80% of what you tweet/blog/fb about should be about what interests your audience that is not information about your film. Social media is not primarily about promotion. It is about engagement first then if you engage people you can promote. If you provide value to people then they might be inclined to join you on your journey. For our Bomb It blog during production we rarely posted about the film – we posted about what was going on in the world of graff and street art so that we became a go-to resource about the world our audience was interested in.