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Book Review: Think Outside the Box Office

I’m a big fan of books – or conference sessions or whatever – that manage to be educational to all levels of experience and existing knowledge without being condescending to those who are already in the know or have higher levels of experience than others who are reading the book or attending the session. It’s a fine line to walk and, when you’re talking about books that fall roughly into the “how to” category it’s especially tricky since you have to be simple in how the material is presented for the unsophisticated but still be interesting enough for those more in-the-know to continue to enjoy.

Think Outside of the Box Office (Amazon Affiliate link), a new book by author, filmmaker and all around new media thought leader Jon Reiss manages to pull off this tricky task and is a recommended read for anyone looking to navigate the trails being blazed as the world of film marketing and distribution changes and evolves.

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