The Slamdance Filmmaker Summit is happening today. You can stream it live!. I’ll be doing a live community consulting session for 2 films:

Ride the Divide A feature-length documentary produced by Mike Dion and directed by Hunter Weeks
I picked this movie because of the large niche audience that they can appeal to with a variety of platforms.

Self Helpless A feature-length narrative;
I picked this movie because of their belief in using P2P networks to launch their film.

I’ll be guiding the audience to create a distribution and marketing strategy for each of these films in 15 minutes! Yiiikes!

If you will be attending – here are some items to consider to help facilitate the process:
1. Who is the audience for these films?
2. How does this audience consume media?
3. How can this audience be accessed?
4. What distribution outlets make sense for these films considering 3 main areas:
Live events
5. How can they connect their audience to these distribution channels.

This is good for any filmmaker to think about in reference to their film!

Should be fun. If you get a chance to catch it – let me know what you think.