Gigantic Digital – A Gigantic Step for Filmmakers in Online Distribution

Independent Film Distribution Moves Into a New Era–With – For the First Time Ever, Movie-Lovers Across the U.S. Will See New Indie Titles First Run, Ad-Free & Streamed in Hi-Res For the first time ever, audiences will be able to see first-run independent movie releases everywhere in the United States. New York-based film company […]

Making “Smarter” Independent Films (or rather, make films more wisely)

The Hollywood Reporter posted a great article last week on Jim Stern’s LA Film Fest Talk. Some of you may remember that last year around this same time, Mark Gil was going off about indie film’s declne and ultimate demise. Needless to say, Jim was singing a different tune, calling attention to the ever-importance of […]

Indie Film Today: Retiring or Resurging?

This post came from The Indie Auteur blog and was in response to an ongoing argument on the future of indie film. Stephan’s mentality of “do something about it or stop complaining” struck a chord with me. Article is re-posted below: It’s Always A Hard Time To Be Indie by Stephan Vladimir Bugaj A recent […]

Indie Film Takes Lesson from Indie Music – Online Marketing at its Best

When music downloading and the internet really hit, many thought it would be the collapse of the music industry. For similar-yet-different reasons, the indie film world finds itself in a similar position today, and in combination with our poor economy, we’ve all heard the horror stories surrounding the decline and potential collapse of indie film. […]

More Oscar Nominations for Best Picture, More Indie Films in the Mix?

I know, I know, there are many of us who have moved on from following the Academy Awards as they have let us down one too many times by overlooking great films and filmmakers. But many indie folks, along with The are happy to have learned that there will now be 10 nominations for […]