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Guerilla Marketing For Independent Filmmakers – Getting your film seen through Indie Distribution Routes

This is a great article from Suite that posted over the weekend.

Guerilla Marketing for Independent Filmmakers
Using Independent Distribution Routes to Get Your Indie Film Seen
by Jeff Lanctot
Jun 25, 2009

Traditional distribution isn’t the only way to get your independent movie seen. The indie film marketing world is growing every day, and your indie film can take part!

If reading Three Methods for Getting Your Movie Distributed made you want to put your camera down and go find a nice job as an accountant, don’t go just yet! The traditional routes to film distribution can be daunting even for ‘insiders,’ but as an ‘outsider’ to the Hollywood machine, you have many additional options available to get eyeballs on your independent movie, make a little money, and maybe even get your foot in the door of Hollywood for your next project. Continue reading →

Palm Springs Panelist Lecture Today – DIY Film Distribution

Hey everybody – I’m speaking about DIY Distribution at the Palm Springs Shortfest next Friday as part of a festival panelist discussion. Details below!

Copied from the PS Shortfest page:

Friday, June 26, 1:30 PM @ Hilton Palm Springs – DIY Distribution Event

DIY Distribution
Showing: Friday, June 26, 1:30 PM
Running Time: 90 Minutes
Theater: Hilton Palm Springs
Ticket Code: ZUZU141Q
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New satellite digital distribution film festival and network in Europe – a new film distribution model for filmmakers.

Hi everyone, I found out in Variety today that even ex-ACTORS are paving the way for new platforms in digital distribution. Read on from this exciting article on Variety.

Hauer sees the digital future – Actor prepares to unspool short film festival
By NICK VIVARELLI – June 12th, 2009

ROME — As a man-made “replicant” in sci-fi classic “Blade Runner,” Rutger Hauer has a memorable speech that begins with the line: “I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe.”

Literally, as the thesp is behind a new film festival and distribution plan with his Milan-based I’ve Seen Films fest for short films. Those pics will be beamed by satellite onto Italo screens via Microcinema, a cutting-edge Italo outfit, in partnership with the European Space Agency (ESA).

Thanks to a recent agreement, a selection of the 337 shorts from 90 countries unspooling in crisp Blu-ray at the second edition of Hauer’s fest will also be beamed to digitally equipped cinemas across Italy via satellite ahead of the main feature. The event’s closing-night gala will go out live in high definition on Microcinema’s circuit, and also in select European digital theaters via ESA’s Innovative Satellite Interactive Digital Entertainment project.

The high-profile jury of the Sept. 24-Oct. 3 fest includes helmers Ridley Scott (who directed Hauer in “Blade Runner”), Robert Rodriguez, Paul Verhoeven and Anton Corbijn.

Hauer, who is making catchwords like “digital” and “new platforms” his mantra, sort of sees himself as pioneer of a film festival and film distribution model that offers emerging artists fresh outlets. Continue reading →

Producers of Web Series test release strategies. Digital TV, DVD, Itunes play an important role.

I guess Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment is about to launch its first Web Series. Check it out in this article from

Producers of Web series test release strategies
By Jennifer Netherby — Video Business, 6/12/2009

Next month at Comic-Con, Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment will launch its first original Web series, Time Jumper, a graphic novel series produced with legend Stan Lee. But unlike many other original Web series, which up to now have been streamed with ads online, WDSHE will sell Time Jumper as a download on iTunes and in 2010 on DVD.

The studio is one of a number of companies testing new release strategies for original Web series that don’t rely on falling online advertising revenue as they try to make Web shows profitable.

Sony Pictures Television spent $1 million on its first Web series Angel of Death, which streamed in 5- to 8-minute segments with ads on before it debuts on TV and DVD in July as a 90-minute feature. Continue reading →

Palm Springs Shortfest Speaking Event – Come see me in Palm Springs.

Hey everybody – I’m speaking about DIY Distribution at the Palm Springs Shortfest next Friday as part of a festival panelist discussion. Details below!

Copied from the PS Shortfest page:

Friday, June 26, 1:30 PM @ Hilton Palm Springs – DIY Distribution Event

DIY Distribution
Showing: Friday, June 26, 1:30 PM
Running Time: 90 Minutes
Theater: Hilton Palm Springs
Ticket Code: ZUZU141Q
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From Nikki Finke: Indie Filmmakers Speak Out

This is an entertaining article I found on the D2DVD Blog lists recent quotes from supposed “indie film experts” with debate. Please read and enjoy.

Posted on the D2DVD Blog, June 12th, 2009:

From Nikki Finke’s DHD blog come these quotes from a variety of people involved in the indie film industry. I would debate that industry category with them because I think in many cases these people work with or for the studios and not independently. That said, there’s some stuff here that’s worth it. I’ll comment (rant, kvetch) as appropriate.

1. Change the title of your indie film to begin with an “A” or a number to get higher placement on iTunes.

A little togue-in-cheek but interesting.

2. “Experiment and try new ways of getting your indie film out there.”

Well, duh…

3. Clark Hallren, Managing Director of the Entertainment Industries Group for JP Morgan Securities warned, “Guys it’s tough. Phenomenal events that statistically cannot happen did happen: we’re at an interesting point in the business.”

4. Lisa Nitti of Greenberg Traurig offered a financing checklist and the necessary groundwork that indie producers must complete to have a shot at getting money: a preliminary financing plan, a solid budget and schedule, and an understanding of Hollywood guild requirements.

Again, duh! This is like saying, “Nazis are bad.”

5. Foreign pre-sales are not as readily available as in years past.

Foreign pre-sales haven’t been readily available for quite awhile – like 5 years… and yet smart, high-concept, financially responsible genre movies work. Continue reading →

A Review of Scott Kirsner’s Book, “Fans, Friends, & Followers” by Stephanie Bousely

A Review of Scott Kirsner’s “Fans, Friends, & Followers” by Stephanie Bousley

Hi everyone. My name’s Stephanie Bousely and I am working with Jon to help him with his book launch. Upon starting to work on the project, Jon had me read Scott Kirsner’s “Fans, Friends, & Followers” and write a review on it. For anyone who is interested, I have pasted it below.

Stephanie’s Review of “Fans, Friends, & Follwers” – by Scott Kirsner

Maybe I should have been an engineer. That’s what my brother did, and life is working out pretty well for him. 4 years at undergrad, then a $65K job, at age 22. “Must be pretty nice”, I thought while heating up Hot Pockets yesterday. Life seems unfair – why couldn’t I have been born liking something scientific, or mathematical, or…something. But no. I ended up going for film. And today, after 3 years of NYU Tisch grad school atop my previous 4 years in undergrad finds me a little more broke and a lot more in debt than my annoying engineer brother.

Maybe it’s time to throw in the towel, I thought. With this economy, where is hope for us artists? When I was a little girl, my parents told me that the only people who made a living at anything artistic were only those who are REALLY talented. Now, regardless of what you think of yourself, I think pretty much everyone in the film or music community knows at least ONE “really talented” person. Who is BROKE. Well, mom and dad, meet Scott Kirsner’s book: “Fans, Friends, and Followers.” Continue reading →

Jon Reiss on Film Finance/Distribution Panel at LA Film Fest Today

Los Angeles Film Festival – Film Financing Conference June 20th at the Landmark. At 2:45 pm I’ll be on the panel:
Case Studies: Taking your Film into the Marketplace
Hear independent filmmakers give a first-hand account of how they released their films. With three detailed case studies of how these films were made and found their way into the marketplace we will provide a snapshot of the independent film business in transition.

Moderator Peter Broderick, Paradigm, Jen Dubin, Producer, Good Dick, Sacha Gervasi, Director, Anvil! The Story of Anvil, Cora Olson, Producer, Good Dick, Jon Reiss, Director/Producer, Bomb It!

Speaking Event! LA Film Festival Financing Conference on Saturday, June 20th, 9am.

Don’t miss this all-day event on independent film production, financing, and distribution at the 2009 LA Film Festival! I will be speaking with a great lineup of indie experts and special guests.

On Saturday, June 20 at The Landmark – West Los Angeles for the Film Financing Conference: a full-day event designed to discuss different aspects of independent film production, financing, and distribution.

Keynote Speaker:
James D. Stern (CEO Endgame Entertainment)

Stephanie Allain (Producer, Black Snake Moan), Rick Allen (Snagfilms), Laura Bickford (Laura Bickford Productions), Peter Broderick (Paradigm Consulting), Patrick Creadon (Director, I.O.U.S.A.), Michael Donaldson (Donaldson & Callif), Jennifer Dubin (Producer, Good Dick), David Fenkel (Oscilloscope), Stuart Ford (IM Global), Christian Gaines (Withoutabox, a division of, Sacha Gervasi (Director, Anvil! The Story of Anvil), Carolyn Giardina (The Hollywood Reporter), Dan Griffiths (Trans-Pacific Media), Buzz Hays (Sony Pictures Imageworks), Sten Iversen (Montana Film Office), Brian Kavanaugh-Jones (CAA), Scott Kirsner (Author, Fans, Friends & Followers), Amy Lemisch (California Film Commission), Patrick Lussier (Director, My Bloody Valentine), Trevor Macy (Intrepid Pictures), Meg Morman (Morman Boling Casting), Ted Mundorff (Landmark Theatres), Cora Olson (Producer, Good Dick), Max Penner (Paradise FX), Jean Prewitt (IFTA), Irwin Rappaport (P.C.), Wendy Reeds (Mandate International), Jon Reiss (Director/Producer, Bomb It), Barbara Rosenfeld (Entertainment Partners), Hal Sadoff (ICM), Paula Manzanedo Schmit (Film Finances, Inc.), Bob Teitel (Producer, Notorious), Anne Thompson (Thompson on Hollywood blog), Adam Yauch (Oscilloscope)


Sponsored by Studio 406 Surpin & Mayersohn, LLP


Reducing Your Film’s Budget – Saving on Music Liscense Rights and Music Costs with KUSSU!

If you’re a music lover like me as well as a DIY/Independent filmmaker, you are all too familiar with the music-picking, music-clearing, music-scoring ordeals that come along when making your work. Well, word is getting out about KUSSU – your new favorite resource for free/cheap film music.

The Article is from, published last week:

Is it already Christmas time? Apparently NO, but for film production companies YES Santa is here…
Free License Use Program “FLUP” aim to help reduce film production budget by licensing music from established and indie artists free of charge.

Kussu Music Licensing Network
PRLog (Press Release) – Jun 08, 2009 – Los Angeles

Exclusive: Didier Kussu interviewed by Film Music Magazine

FMM: Who founded Kussu Music Publishing in 1994?

DK: Kussu Music Publishing was founded in 1994 as a publishing arm of Kussu Productions Inc. a music content company with global businesses in music publishing and recorded music, includes artist development, management and music library as specialties.

FMM: What services do you provide?

DK: For Music Users:
Since we own or control both the masters and publishing rights from several catalogues, we are in a unique position to provide Pre-cleared music for any project. This makes our company more attractive to clients, because we are fast and our Sync and Master Use Licensing process is simple and easy.
We also work closely with agents and partners in many countries including the US, such as Crucial Music, Noma Music among others. These partners license portion of our music catalogue to third party users.

For Music Creators and Copyright Holders/Owners:
With our deep relationships, experience and knowledge in music and film industries, we of course offer many avenues of exposure to songwriters, artists, indie labels and publishers for their songs through television shows, motion pictures, soundtracks, multimedia, commercials etc. as well as global administration incl. worldwide registration of songs, making royalty payments to songwriters and composers in respect of the usage of their music, tracking the use of the music they own and ensuring that proper payment is made for all licensed uses, sub-publishing worldwide and other music rights management activities.

FMM: How large is your database of artists?

Actually, we have over thousands artists and songwriters from around the globe, that’s including both exclusive and non-exclusive roster. And over hundreds of music producers and indie labels.

FMM: When was KMLN launched?

DK: Kussu Music Licensing Network was officially launched on May 4, 2009, and we are still adding new music everyday.

FMM: What is FLUP?

DK: FLUP simply means, “Free License Use Program”, this program is designed to help reduce film production budget by
licensing music from established and indie artists “free of charge”.

Listen, dear Robyn, it is just the fact that nearly every sector of the economy has been affected one
way or another by recession. But the music and film industry have already been
hit so hard by internet piracy over Peer?to?Peer (P2P) networks prior the
economic slowdown. However, the digital revolution does also present new
opportunities for the entertainment industry. With the introduction of new
media technologies, greater opportunities for film producers emerge as well as
for the distribution etc.

But lets face the reality, the 62nd annual Cannes Film Festival was not what it
used to be. The market isn’t booming and overall prices for movies have
remained low. New research form NPD and Nielsens reveal that 63 percent of
Americans have played video games within the past six months, while only 43
percent admitted to having gone to see a movie in the theater.
The new strategy of “FLUP”, Free License Use Program introduced by Kussu
Music Publishing, through Kussu Music Licensing Network’s website
(KUSSU.NET) is a natural reaction to help both our larger community of affiliated
songwriters, labels and publishers as well as the film industry to cut production
costs of TV Shows, Series, Movies etc.
It is a win?win situation, songwriters and publishers will receive performance
royalties, artists get promoted and the production companies save money and
have less headaches.

FMM: How does one qualify for FLUP?

DK: Any project that will help promote the artist through the placement of his or her song. And when it airs the writer and publisher will get their performance royalties. As I’ve already mentioned, it is a win-win situation, the industry is not in a good shape now. Therefore such concept is needed.
To be concrete about how does one qualify for FLUP, it is mostly made for established projects such as Grey’s Anatomy, One Tree Hill, CSI, Ugly Betty, WEEDS, Valentine, Sex And The City, Saturday Night Live, Dexter, Brothers and Sisters, Supernatural etc. but also new independent or major projects, shows, films with good concept. It is not about how successful a project is or will be you know, we are very flexible and open and every License under FLUP will be decided on case by case basis. However, we are focusing on project that will help our artists and writers get more exposure and generate future royalties.

FMM: What kind of technology are you using for your work process?

DK: The technology behind KUSSU.NET has been implemented by “YOULICENSE”, we are grateful to be working with them, they have an excellent team of experts. The song search engine has been built like “GOOGLE”, Music users will be able to search by Genre, Mood, Subject, Language, Instruments, Style, Lyrics, Similar Artist, Vocal Type, Writer, Composer or any other individual
Keyword(s) of their choices. Full track preview available for all songs and clients will be able to
license and download (wav files), CD quality tracks online.

All tracks are Pre-cleared and ready for use in your project. Beside indie and
established artists and genres such as Pop, Hip Hop, Dance, R&R and Rock, Kussu
Music Licensing Network offers “Hard To Find Specific Music”; such as
Oriental/Middle Eastern music, different types of African, Eastern European music, French Pop, Hip Hop, Russian Pop, Hip Hop, Rock, German Pop,
Rock, Hip Hop, Electro as well as a variety of Latin music.

DK: Are there any specific film or TV productions that you would like to quote as “successfully licensed to”?
The songs from our music catalogues are used by different production companies, advertising agencies etc. on a regular basis worldwide including TV productions such as My Boys/Sony Pictures, Ugly Betty/ABC Family, WEEDS/Lionsgate, Dexter/Showtime, Lincoln Heights/ABC Family, Fat Girls/FOX Searchlight, Greek/ABC Family just to name a few.

About Didier Kussu
Didier, is a low profile business consultant, entrepreneur and music
executive. He is the founder of companies such as United Entertainment & Media
Limited (UEM, London), Kussu Productions Inc., Indie Songs Publishing Scandinavia and Indie Songs Publishing UK, African Music Publishing, the world largest African music publisher, Indie Distribution, Latin Music Publishing Group USA and Latin Music Publishing Group Europe, Universoul Vibes, Murder Riddims Records and Murder Riddims Publishing, among others.

For further information, please contact:
Email: flup(at)

For other licensing inquiries, please send email to:

For press inquiries, please contact:
Fax: +49 208 6942 240
Email: press(at)

For more information about Film Music Magazine, please visit:

Contact Information:
Global Media Online, Inc.
8605 Sunset Boulevard
Suite 14625
Los Angeles, CA 90069

# # #

About Kussu Music Publishing
Founded in 1994 as a publishing arm of Kussu Productions Inc., KUSSU MUSIC
PUBLISHING is a leading independent company with catalogues of highly selected
songwriters, composers and producers from across the globe.
KUSSU MUSIC PUBLISHING offers an easy and affordable music licensing solution
for music supervisors, film directors, advertising agencies and other users through
Kussu Music Licensing Network (KUSSU.NET) and its 24/7 online service.