Theatrical Mapping Project

Ted Hope has added a new “tools” section to the Truly Free Film site. I have suggested that he add the theatrical mapping project from the Workbook Project. This map was my first step in the theaters that I contacted for our theatrical release of Bomb It and as such was hugely instrumental in our […]

A Nice Way to Thank Your Crew and Supporters

In the spirit of the holidays I thought I would share a thank you that one of my students from Cal Arts, Michelle Manas, sent out after completing the principal photography of her thesis film. I thought it was a nice way to use You Tube and to create a more personal thank you than […]

Web Marketing For Filmmakers

Here’s a great blog about the very very basics of marketing your webiste. I’m sure you know a lot of this – but a lot was news to me: This was written by one of the co-founders of Neoflix. Neoflix themselves have set up a number of marketing tools for filmmakers – they are […]

Bomb It Xmas Specials – DVD & Other fun stuff!

We are running a number of Xmas specials we are running at the Bomb It Store. Bomb It Xmas Package: DVD, Bomb It Tshirt, Poster, and 4 Stickers for $34.95 (Retail Value $53.85) Buy 2 Get 1 Free – 3 Bomb It DVDs for $34.95. That’s $11.65 Each – Keep one and give the rest […]

Robert Bahar and Made in LA

At the recent FIND conference on the state of independent film, I had the pleasure to meet Robert Bahar who made the wonderful Emmy Winning documentary Made in L.A. We were discussing the problem of releasing a film on DVD prior to or simultaneously with an educational release. I have learned since the release of […]

Reel World Survival Skills for Filmmakers

This post is a response to Ted Hopes post on the Truly Free Film Blog today: “I am committed to destroying the myth of the starving artist” I developed and teach a class at Cal Arts that addresses Ted’s concerns about making a living as a filmmaker. It’s called “Reel World Survival Skills: Everything I […]