Non Theatrical vs. Theatrical

I had the opportunity to see Lance Hammer’s Ballast on Sunday night at the Laemmle Sunset 5. It is a wonderful film and as you probably know – Lance eschewed the standard distribution deals he was offered and decided to self distribute. I had a chance to talk with him after the screening to compare […]

Bomb It in Jacksonville, FL – SEGD Meeting

We’re screening at another SEGD meeting this time in Jacksonville FL – Friday the 14th of November – I’ll be there in person – Reception is at 6:30 – Look forward to seeing you there.

Bomb It Screens in Atlanta, GA

The Atlanta chapter of the Society of Environmental Graphic Designers SEGD invited me out to Atlanta to screen Bomb It at the wonderfully restored Plaza Theater (which just added very nice digital projection). Come on down!

Bonham’s Panel

I’ll be appearing of all places Bonham’s and Butterfield’s for a Panel on Collecting Contemporary: Urban Art. Shepard Fairey is supposed to be on the dias with me – so it should be fun. Organized by the wonderful Seth Carmichael of the Carmichael Gallery. Stop on by.

More Film Festival Tips – and Website Tips

Again in relationship to another post on Truly Film concerning the need for filmmakers to have a website prior to going to a festival, I thought I’d offer a few more comments about having a filmmaker website. In fact it is crazy not to have a website during production or pre production these days as […]