Jon Reiss at DV Expo

On November 6th I’ll be giving three classes at the DV Expo (Nov 4-6 Los Angeles Convention Center). 9am-10:15 Non Fiction Filmmaking – Production for Documentaries 10:30 – 12pm Non Fiction Filmmaking – Post or Documentaries 1:15 – 3pm Making a Micro Budget Feature Hope to see you there!

Filmmaker Magazine Article on Self Distribution

At the urging of Jeffrey Levy Hinte – my wonderfully supportive producer on Bomb It (he’s leaving the business folks so don’t bother calling him!), I have started writing about my experiences self distributing Bomb It for Filmmaker Magazine. These articles will form the basis for the book that I am writing Reel World Survival […]

Film Festival Tips – Posters and Postcards

Ted has started blogging a lot about film festivals – and tips for film festivals. So for my first blogs for Truly Free Film I will be blogging a number of additional tips as well. This is the first one. Create a piece of striking key art. Easier said than done. This can be expensive […]

Truly Free Film Manifesto

Ted Hope recently gave a keynote address to the FIND Filmmaker Forum in Los Angeles titled: Building A Truly Free Film Culture where he outlines the death of “indi” films and celebrates the birth of Truly Free Films. It is a fascinating read for anyone interested in the former “independent” film. I have cut and […]

Reykjavic International Film Festival

I just returned from a wonderful trip to the Reykyavik International Film Festival which now ranks among one of my favorite film festivals on the circuit. Hronn Marinosdottir (Festival Director) and Marlenne Kelnreiter (Guest Coordinator) bend over backwards to make it a filmmaker friendly fest. The typical “hub” was replaced by dinners every night set […]