Click Here for the full Cinematical review of Bomb It – an excerpt:

Bomb It! is a fresh, fierce look at the history and theory of graffiti that, at first glance, seems to not have either; it didn’t make up my mind on how I felt about graffiti, but it conveyed the excitement and energy and contradictions of it while providing plenty to think about.

Director Reiss has a past in unconventional art (art so unconventional, in fact, the question of it’s really art comes into play) — he spent years filming the merry roboticists of San Francisco’s Survival Research Laboratories, and captured the rave scene in his doc Better Living Through Circuitry — and his movie travels the globe, looking at what’s on walls and who put it there and why. We get a history of the form — starting with Daryl “Cornbread” McCray, the graffiti artist who first plastered his name all over Philly in 1967: “The more they talked, the more I wrote, the more they talked the more I wrote …” Like graffiti, the movie leaps from Philly to New York, and then it goes everywhere — Amsterdam, London, Capetown, Barcelona, Hamburg, Paris and more.