Monthly Archives: September 2007

Bomb It – Fall Festivals!

Following the exciting debut at the Tribeca Film Festival – I’m are thrilled to announce our Fall festival lineup for Bomb It. I’ve noted which festivals I’ll be attending below:

Sao Paulo International Film Festival, Brazil October I’ll be in Sao Paulo from October 26th – 30th!
Cork International Film Festival, Ireland October
Rhthym of the Line Festival Berlin, Germany Opening Night Film October 11th
Helsinki International Film Festival, Finland September
Calgary International Film Festival, Canada September
Doclisboa, Lisbon Portugal October Closing Night Film
Oslo International Film Festival, Norway November I am planning on being in Oslo
BFI Southbank, London England November 23rd I will be in London for the BFI screening!
Leeds International Film Festival, England, November
Olympia Film Festival, Washington State, United States November Tracy and I will both be up for the screening on the 7th.

I’ll follow up with more information on these fests and more soon!

Interview with Lance Weiler

Check out my chat with Lance Weiler at the Workbook Project about the the DIY approach that we took in making Bomb It. The Workbook Project is a amazing open source resource for thinking outside the box of making “films” and getting them out into the world. If you have any interest in these issues – you should definitely check it out.