My new film “Bomb It” about the global explosion of graffiti culture and the subsequent battle over public space is having it’s world premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival this week.

Both of our screenings so far have been sold out with lines around the block. Yesterday we had a press conference with me, Tracy Wares my partner in crime, Tkid and NYC Councilman Peter Vallones Communications Director. It essentially became a forum on public space in NYC and how “quality of life” laws are changing the face of NY as we know it, turning it into a billboard laden, mall store gentrified suburb of Los Angeles. Even Vallone’s hand at the conference suggested that graffiti was a form of civil disobedience – and I’m sure his boss won’t be very happy to hear that.

Last week on NPR Peter Vallone and I had a chance to discuss these same issues on NYC Soundcheck:

We’ve also been getting some press – most notably the Village Voice that selected us as one of the 25 films to check out at Tribeca.

For more info on Bomb It – check out the trailer and other fun stuff on the Bomb It site:

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  1. Hello my name is SOCA or SOCKA or ZOCKA or ZOCA is different style but this is my name, i live in Mexico City D.F. and today i saw in web site’s the BOMB IT film so i want to see this film where or whent i can buy the film?… please responde me!
    Thank’s jeje but my english is not very clear sorry!