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You’re busy making your movie, your passion project, your magnum opus. You know all of the work that should go into quality marketing and distribution, but you just can’t squeeze it into your hectic schedule. Good news: we keep up with the ever-changing ideas, technology and companies in this field so that you don’t have to. We will help you navigate the overwhelming distribution and marketing landscape.

Led by world-renowned filmmaker Jon Reiss, author of Think Outside the Box Office, the book on indie film distribution and marketing, Hybrid Cinema works with you to create a distribution & marketing strategy tailored specifically for your film and your filmmaking goals.

To see if Hybrid Cinema is the right fit for your team, contact us for more information on our consulting options.

Free 15 Minute Consult

Consultation & Release Strategy for Completed Films – $800
Film screening and two hours of strategic counseling. In the consultation Jon Reiss collaborates with you to design a distribution and marketing strategy for your film. Additional hours are $200.

Production & Release Strategy for Script – $600
Script read-through and two hours of strategic counseling. In the consultation Jon Reiss will work with you to outline your specific goals for the project, create a financing and production strategy for your film and a path for successful implementation of the plan. Additional hours are $150.

Comprehensive Distribution and Marketing Plan and Budget (A.Q.)
An extensive analysis and written report of the best marketing and distribution strategies for your film, outlining audiences, audience engagement strategies, branding, marketing, timing of the release and the optimum live event as well as merchandise and digital options for your film. Includes: Screening of film, Plan Creation and Delivery + three hours of strategic counseling.

PMD Training and Supervision $2500 per month with a three month minimum.
Hybrid Consulting will train and oversee your team and/or Producer of Marketing and Distribution (PMD). This service is geared toward filmmakers who prefer to do the work with their own team, but need training, supervision and guidance. We will teach your team what you need to know and how to do it, ensuring that you create a successful release.

Full Service Distribution and Marketing (PMD service)- minimum Six months (A.Q. on a project basis)
Hybrid Consulting will work as your Producer of Marketing and Distribution and handle all aspects of the marketing and distribution of your film. We source any outside vendors needed (additional publicists, attorneys, graphic designers, web designers, printing services, DVD replication, digital distribution platforms, etc.), determine the best routes to distribute your film, identify your core audience and connect them to your work. (Only one or two films are engaged in this manner per year)

One on One Consultation with Filmmakers
Distribution and Marketing Plan
Hybrid Cinema Releasing
Monthly PMD Supervision

Praise for consulting

The Happy Sad

Jon’s advice, insight, guidance, wisdom and support was invaluable in building a successful grassroots distribution campaign for “The Happy Sad.” I am deeply grateful for the generous ways that he shared his knowledge and helped us to steer the ship through tough ever changing landscape finding the best solution for the for the film and filmmakers.

– Rodney Evans, Director

Cosmonaut Poster

To think how to do the complicated strategy of The Cosmonaut we got inspiration from several out of the box thinkers that were paving the road for the next ten years of film Jon Reiss was one of them, and one of the most important ones I must say.

– Nicolás Alcalá, Director, Executive Producer, Screenwriter, Editor

Sweet Micky - poster 2

Jon has been invaluable to help us navigate the current insane sales and distribution landscape for films. His counsel is helping us navigate the various offers we have received and we will definitely continue to use him throughout our release.

– Karyn Rachtman, Producer


Consulted on Paramount Pictures’ “Star Trek: Into Darkness” transmedia campaign.

Coast Modern Poster

Jon Reiss is an invaluable resource and helped us to learn more about the world of digital distribution and how to manage all the rights of our film.  His knowledge, contacts and understanding of the ever-changing business models is vast and bringing him in to consult was the smartest investment we made in our independent filmmaking process.

–  Leah Mallen, Producer

Creative Visions

Jon has been an invaluable resource to so many our creative activists — helping our filmmakers navigate the new world of strategic distribution so that their work can be seen and their impact felt. 

– Trevor Hall, President & CEO, Creative Visions Foundation


At the time I was shepherding my first feature doc into distribution, I took one of Jon’s workshops, because it seemed almost impossible for me to navigate the US distribution possibilities and choices for See You Soon Again, an Austrian-US co-production. Jon was tremendous help not only in guiding me through the process and finding the right US market and distribution strategy for the film, but even more importantly for me, he helped me prioritize my goals and help me achieve my main goal: move onto my next film.

– Bernadette Wegenstein, Co-Director, Co-Producer


Working with Jon Reiss and Hybrid Cinema on my film, “Joffrey: Mavericks of American Dance,” was an amazing experience. They were able to create a sustained outreach campaign for the film during its distribution cycle and were incredibly creative with social media in getting the word out about the film. I learned so much from working with them that it has changed my entire thought process about film distribution.

– Bob Hercules, Director

heist poster

Jon Reiss has more than met our hopes for walking us through the minefield of negotiating digital rights contracts with 3 different companies in the space of 2 weeks. His ability to spot potential downsides for the filmmaker is a gift, and has enabled us to maximize our revenue stream. He is also a pleasure to work with.

– Donald Goldmacher, Co-Producer & Co-Director

Charlotte 14x22

There are few consultants, in any field, who are primarily motivated by love — but in Jon’s case, it clearly his love of film that motivates him to do his work. This makes him a passionate, invaluable resource for filmmakers looking to find their audience, and has a positive impact on our entire community.  He is somebody to be applauded, emulated, and hired!

– Jeffrey Kusama-Hinte, Producer, Director


As novice filmmakers, the comprehensive Distribution & Marketing Strategy Plan that Hybrid Cinema created provided a powerful roadmap to guide us on the path to a successful launch. He and his partner on our project Sheri Candler taught my fledgling team the basics of marketing and distribution and continue to provide valuable supervision.  With frequent conference calls and emails, his and Sheri’s seemingly 24/7 availability, always with patience and a smile, gave us the confidence to keep moving forward.

– Judy Avrin, Producer


Jon gave us a comprehensive, customized plan for our film, on a fast turnaround. I use his book like a bible, and he’s also generously made himself available at odd hours when we were negotiating a deal and needed a fast response.

– Lisa Leeman, Producer


Jon is a wealth of hard-earned knowledge about the realities of the world of hybrid/self distribution and a great source of information when it comes to navigating these stormy and fast changing seas yourself.

– Gus Roxburgh, Producer “Crips and Bloods: Made in America” (directed by Stacey Peralta)


Jon Reiss is a walking encyclopedia of everything an independent filmmaker needs to know to navigate the increasingly complicated worlds of DIY and traditional distribution. He shows you how to strategize successful campaigns and maximizes the impact of your film through social networking and community outreach. He’s smart and generous with what he knows and is worth every penny.

– Sara Terry, Director, Producer


Jon Reiss is the go-to guy in the quickly evolving world of DIY distribution and online/social media marketing. He had no shortage of strategic ideas to get our movie Grassroots on the map early and effectively, and helped us get the most out of every penny spent. I’m definitely going to be a repeat customer.

– Peggy Rajski, Producer


When it comes to completing, marketing and distributing a film, nobody does it better than Jon Reiss. From his first-hand experience as a filmmaker and producer to his dynamic, innovative teaching style, Jon has a true grasp on the marketplace and can help you understand your place in it. A lot of people preach about the importance ‘finding your audience’ but Jon takes it a step further and gives you direct access to the roadmaps, compasses and sporty visors we all need stay focused, stay on point and look good doing it.

– Amy Dotson, Deputy Director & Head of Programming, IFP


Jon Reiss is a fantastic strategic advisor who can give big picture advice as well as specific details that will help make any filmmaker make smart decisions when they launch their film out into the world.

– Tiffany Shlain, filmmaker “Connected”, “The Tribe”, Creator of The Webby Awards.


Jon showed us that our Kickstarter campaign could help us raise funds as well as expand our audience and careers in the process. While working with Jon Reiss in the IFP Filmmakers Lab, I experienced first-hand his refreshing and insightful cultural sensitivity for my work. His patience, generosity and compassion were instrumental in building a powerful fanbase for “Habibi.”

– Susan Youssef,  Writer, Director, Producer, Editor

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